WMF - The Group
WMF as a business group comprises of eminent members from the industry and serves as the voice of Metal, Metal Working, Welding and allied industry. A brief profile of the same are as mentioned below:
• Concerned Government Ministry
• Ambassadors and Consulates General of key business associated countries
• President of Key Trade Associations, Federations, Bodies etc.
Honorary Advisory Group
• Senior Officials from Ministries of Government of India
• State Governments
Founder Group
• CEO & Key Executives of top companies across the world
• Chairman/MD/CEO/Top executives of steel producing and manufacturing companies across the world
Steering Committee
• Metallurgists and Miners
• Senior Official of major trade associations, federations, councils, bodies, etc.
• Top executives of Mainline Dailies, Electronic Media, Trade Publications and Online Media
• Automation Technologies
• Consultants and R&D Professionals
• Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
• Financial Institutions & Banks
• Importers and Exporters
• Industry Professionals from (Plant / Maintenance / Quality / Purchase / Welding / Materials etc.) 
• Infrastructure Development Organizations
• Investors & Promoter
• Metal Forming & Fabricating
• Metal & Metal Processing
• Metal Working Machinery & Technology Suppliers
• Raw Material Suppliers
• Software Developers
• Transportation and Logistics Suppliers
• Welding 
• Institutions / Media / Academicians etc.

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